photoshop special effects

very original tree simulation

On this banner the first photo is the original photo while the second image is the creation built with the dispersion filter under photoshop associated

with the file arbre-magique.psd and so on.

Demonstration videos for each creation of this banner are also available at the bottom of this page.


arbre-magique.psd (to be translated)

arbre-magique.psd (to be translated)

Fichier Photoshop .psd

Great for making spectacular and original tree effects with photoshop. Note: a downloadable produc..


Welcome message

Welcome to your online store !!

This site is primarily dedicated to the creator who has a minimum of knowledge on Photoshop. The site offers a product called (tree-magic.psd). It is thanks to this file that you will be able in a few clicks to create new decorations, correct, or improve some photos.

The site puts in demonstration several works all created with the file photoshop (tree-magic.psd). We invite you to discover them.
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Coming soon free image made with arbre-magique.psd

Video links


  Magic tree tutorial 1
  Magic tree tutorial 2
  Magic tree tutorial 3
  Magic tree tutorial 4